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Brain Sleuth: How Neuropsychology Helps Solve Mysteries of The Brain

Neuropsychologist, Brain Detective As a neuropsychologist, I’m often asked, “What is it you do, exactly?” or more commonly, “What IS neuropsychology?” One way to think about it is like detective work – a neuropsychologist is like a sleuth solving cases. Cases of the brain, that is. When something goes wrong in the brain, it can… Read more »

The Puzzle of Adult ADHD (And How Neuropsychology Can Help Solve It)

Do you find it extremely hard to focus?  Are you continuously distracted?  Do you have dozens of unfinished projects? Does it take you significantly longer than other people to complete tasks? Do you have debilitating procrastination habits?  Are you unusually restless, impulsive, or impatient? If you answered a resounding “YES!” to many of these questions,… Read more »