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Fighting Stress and Depression: A Few Tricks Your Dog Can Teach You

Companionship is something we often overlook as a necessary part of our lives. Humans thrive on companionship. When we feel like we don’t belong, we may experience symptoms of depression. Social relationships have proven through many research studies to offer physiological health benefits as well, such as immune and neurocognitive support. But companionship does not… Read more »

Dr. Kate Thacher: ‘What Makes Therapy Work?’

 As part of an ongoing series, the staff at Union Square Practice will be sharing their thoughts on an important question: “What makes therapy work?” This week, Dr. Kate Thacher shares her thoughts. What makes therapy “work” really depends on several key elements; there is, unsurprisingly, no simple answer here. Reflecting upon my work as a psychologist, I find… Read more »