Director of Child Psychiatry, Dr. Jessica Stack

Dr. Jessica Stack, Director of Child Psychiatry

Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at Union Square Practice

Finding a professional you trust is one of the most important elements of any successful mental health treatment. The Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Program, directed by Dr. Jessica Stack, provides world-class psychiatric care for children and adolescents struggling with a wide variety of issues.

We understand that each individual is unique, and requires their own individualized treatment. Our approach to psychiatry respects each family’s own goals and values, so that each child can reach their full potential.


We strongly believe that the choice to take, or not take, medication is in the hands of the family. For some issues, such as ADHD, medication may be a highly effective first line treatment. For many others, therapy is often utilized before making a decision about medication. In either case, we will always be upfront about our professional recommendation, but respect a family’s decision and tailor treatment to fit those wishes.

Do parents attend the sessions?

For an initial evaluation, we ask that children attend with their parent(s). We will speak with the parent(s) and child/teen together and then separately. After an initial evaluation period, sessions are usually attended by the child/teen alone.

Will you speak to my child’s schools?

We will only communicate with a child’s school if the parents request it. While some parents may feel that disclosing a mental health issue to a teacher is embarrassing, it’s often the case that teachers are better able to educate children when they understand the unique issues that they face.

Should my child see a psychologist or psychiatrist?

In many cases, a family seeking therapy can be served well by either a psychiatrist or psychologist. Psychiatrists are thoroughly trained in different forms of psychotherapy, and can also prescribe psychiatric medications. Clinical psychologists, unlike psychiatrists who receive full medical training, specialize more extensively in certain kinds of psychotherapy, or in treating specific conditions.

Children whose mental health is medically complicated (for instance, when anger management or depression is influenced by chronic pain, diabetes, or other medical conditions) may prefer to see a psychiatrist. Psychiatrists may be better able to address the medical component of these mental health issues, and work with a child’s other medical providers.

Our friendly staff is happy to discuss your family’s needs and challenges to figure out what sort of treatment plan will work for you. Union Square Practice employs both psychiatrists and psychologists, and many families appreciate the ability to explore both options under one roof.