Welcome to
Union Square Practice

Union Square Practice is a group of psychologists, psychiatrists and therapists who empower individuals to be the best versions of themselves using the latest science has to offer.

We believe that openness, practicality, and a sense of humor are cornerstones of successful therapy. Because Union Square Practice houses both psychiatrists and psychologists under one roof, we are able to accommodate  a wide range of treatment options, whether talk therapy, medication, or some combination.

We offer various styles of therapy, depending on each person’s needs. They include:

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy • Mindfulness Therapy

Supportive Psychotherapy • Psychopharmacology

In addition to general mental health issues, Union Square Practice also has a number of psychologists and psychiatrists specializing in the following areas:

Children and Adolescents • Sport and Performance • Trauma and PTSD • Trichotillomania