EMDR Therapy in NYC

If you are coping with a traumatic event, suffering from PTSD, or are seeking EMDR for one of the many other mental health issues that EMDR can treat, Union Square Practice offers EMDR therapy that can help you get your life back on track.

If you want to schedule an appointment, or have any questions, our clinical coordinator, Tina, can help.

What is EMDR?
EMDR, short for Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, is a style of therapy which is used to address traumatic or disturbing life experiences that can cause, or contribute, to various mental health issues.

In EMDR, patients recall problematic memories with the guidance of a therapist. Therapists help their patients evoke a target memory, asking them to recall, for instance, the sounds, smells and feeling of their environment at the time. Once an image is firmly in a patient’s mind, the therapist will guide the patient’s eye movement. Patients will repeat this process until their overall anxiety about the memory is reduced and they can work on what is called a “positive cognition.” A therapist will work with a patient to see how they would have preferred to feel during the event, for instance, “empowered” instead of “helpless” or “calm” instead of “panicked.”

About Union Square Practice

Union Square Practice employs a diverse team of psychologists, psychiatrists and other therapists to offer every patient the best treatment plan for them. Whether a patient is seeking solely EMDR, or is also interested in exploring other therapy styles or medication.

Our Office

Just a few blocks away from Union Square at 817 Broadway, our office provides a warm and comforting environment for you to work with your therapist.

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