Is Neuropsychology Right For You?

Who Should See A Neuropsychologist?

Those who:

  • Have a neurological condition, such as dementia, stroke, hydrocephalus, movement disorder, tumor, anoxic injury or exposure to toxins
  • Notice/experience cognitive or behavioral changes

What’s the Process?

Union Square Practice’s Dr. Hahn-Ketter specializes in assessment, diagnosis, and treatment planning for individuals with known or suspected brain dysfunction.

Assessment: Most often a neuropsychological evaluation can clarify the nature and extent of effects on the individual’s cognition (i.e., memory, attention, language, etc.) and behavior.

Diagnosis: Hahn-Ketter draws upon her doctoral-level experience to identify the causes.

Treatment: Based on the diagnosis, Dr. Hahn-Ketter recommends an individualized treatment plan and/or rehabilitation.


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