Mindful Parenting Group in NYC

Learn skills to reduce the number of stressful interactions you have with your kids alongside other parents and with the guidance of trained professionals at Union Square Practice.

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What is “mindful parenting?”

Mindful parenting entails bringing an intentional, nonjudgmental, present-focused awareness to our interactions with our children. It is a way to maintain a sense of steadiness amidst the chaos of parenting. By learning to observe our inner experiences, we can gain a sense of control over ourselves, and in doing so, increase our ability to respond—rather than react—to our children’s behavior.

How does the group work?

Facilitated by Dr. Julia Vigna Bosson, this group is both skills-based and experiential, meaning that participants learn mindfulness techniques and have the opportunity to practice them during group sessions. Group members also have the opportunity to talk with other parents and the group facilitator about the application of these skills at home. The group is a six-week course and is open to parents of children of all ages.

How do I know if mindful parenting is right for me?

Just about any parent can benefit from learning mindfulness skills and applying them to their interactions with their kids. Practicing mindfulness can be especially valuable to parents who feel themselves losing control of their emotions when dealing with their children or who feel as though they’re missing quality moments with their kids because their focus is elsewhere.

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