Child Neuropsychology Evaluations

If your child or teenager has attention, learning, or behavioral difficulties at school or home, a comprehensive neuropsychological evaluation can clarify any diagnoses and inform a plan for treatment and remediation.

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These evaluations are conducted by licensed clinical psychologists that specialize in understanding the relationship between cognitive functioning, learning, and behavior. An evaluation assesses intellectual abilities, attention, executive functioning, memory, language, and learning processes (e.g., reading, writing, mathematics). It also focuses on social-emotional health to clarify the impact of mental health difficulties, like anxiety, on learning and functioning.

What does the evaluation process look like?

The steps of the evaluation are generally as follows:

1. Review of any previous assessments as well as child’s recent report cards.

2. Interviewing both the parents and child.

3. Working with school staff and medical providers to obtain information as needed (with parent consent) .

4. Performing classroom-based observations and teacher interview depending on presenting difficulties (with parent consent).

5. Administering the appropriate tests to child, taking approximately 4-8 hours, scheduled over the course of 2-3 appointments.

6. Interpreting results.

7. Providing feedback and recommendations to parents and child (and teachers, if requested).

8. Provision of written report.

What are the benefits of your child receiving a comprehensive evaluation?

Early evaluation can identify problems and provide opportunities to better accommodate your child’s learning or developmental needs at school and home. An evaluation can also reveal socio-emotional or attentional factors, or other learning problems, that may be negatively impacting school-based performance or classroom functioning.

How can you prepare for neuropsychological testing?

Your child does not need to study or do anything in advance of the evaluation aside from being well-rested on appointment days. We ask parents to provide any previous assessments, as well as recent report cards, for our review. Additionally, a medical history, list of current medications if any, and necessary visual or aids needed should be disclosed and used for the evaluation.


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