Pregnancy Psychiatrist in NYC

Pregnancy and the process of becoming a parent can be joyful and healthy, but it also can be associated with stress, depression, and anxiety.  Individuals can face complex questions about how to manage pre-existing mental health concerns (including decisions about medication choices), how to cope with potential complications of pregnancy and childbirth, postpartum depression treatment, and how to adjust successfully to the many life changes that accompany becoming a parent.

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What We Do

We are a team of talented clinicians with years of experience in reproductive mental health. Our clinicians have extensive training in therapies shown to be effective in treating reproductive mental health concerns and bring compassion, warmth, and understanding to all of their reproductive wellness patients.  At Union Square Practice, we  provide expert psychiatric and psychological treatment for women and their supports throughout preconception, pregnancy, postpartum, and early parenting. Our clinicians focus on how to involve partners and other supports, how to build skills through pregnancy and early parenting to foster early attachment, how best to aim for prevention of anxiety and postpartum depression treatment.

Our Office

Just a few blocks away from Union Square at 817 Broadway, our office provides a warm, comforting and friendly environment.

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Unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate walk-ins. If you’d like to see the practice in person, please fill out our contact form to schedule a visit.