Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner in NYC

Union Square Practice’s psychiatric nurse practitioner provides trustworthy, friendly and affordable therapy and mental health services. If you’re struggling with a mood disorder, depression or just want to feel better, we can help.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What can psychiatric nurse practitioners treat?

Psychiatric nurse practitioners can treat all conditions normally treated by a psychiatrist. This includes, but is not limited to:

Medication Management
Mood Disorders
Post-Partum Depression
Sleep Disorders

Union Square Practice employs a variety of methods to deal with these issues, including cognitive behavioral therapy, psychodynamic therapy and motivational interviewing techniques.

What is the difference between a psychiatric nurse practitioner and a psychiatrist?

Psychiatrists are medical doctors who received an M.D. in the same way that cardiologists, dermatologists and all other medical doctors receive their training. Psychiatric nurse practitioners, like other nurses, receive extensive training in their field. However, rather than an M.D., nurse practitioners focus their advanced education solely in an identified specialty area.

Are psychiatrists better than nurse practitioners?

Not at all. In fact, in many cases a psychiatric nurse practitioner can be preferable to a psychiatrist. Psychiatric nurse practitioners are often more affordable than a psychiatrist.¬†Psychiatric nurse practitioners are capable of doing everything a psychiatrist can do, whether it’s therapy or prescribing medication. In addition, their nursing background often emphasizes holistic care and compassion in ways that many patients find preferable.Our nurse practitioners work in collaboration with our co-founder and psychiatrist, Dr. Michael Dulchin, to provide the best care possible.

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