Psychiatrist in Union Square

Led by Dr. Michael Dulchin, a preeminent psychiatrist and professor at NYU, Union Square Practice offers a variety of psychiatric services that can help you feel better. We are a group of warm, practical mental health professionals that can assist you in getting past depression, anxiety or other challenges you are facing. We listen intently and give you solid strategy. Whatever your issue, we suspect you just want to feel better.

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How we work?

Every patient who comes to Union Square Practice receives a treatment plan that is right for them. After evaluating your symptoms and their severity, we’ll create a plan that meets your individualized needs. That plan could include medication, therapy, or a mix of the two. We employ a wide range of therapy styles – such as cognitive behavioral therapy and psychodynamic therapy.

Union Square Practice is unique in that we have highly trained psychologists, psychiatrists, and psychiatric nurse practitioners all under the same roof.

Our Office

Just a few blocks away from Union Square at 817 Broadway, our office provides a warm and comforting environment for you to work with your therapist.

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To schedule an initial consultation, please call 212-335-2100.

Unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate walk-ins.