Sport Psychology in New York City

Sport psychology is a science-based approach to improving performance. Using the latest developments in psychology, athletes and others from a variety of sports and other disciplines can improve their motivation and manage the stress that negatively affects performance. We use sport psychology techniques to coach athletes, business people, performing artists, entrepreneurs, attorneys and physicians to help them develop a complete plan to obtain the performance results they desire.

Union Square Practice’s team of licensed sport psychologists is led by Dr. Jonathan Fader, who has been working with athletes from Major League Baseball and other professional sports for over a decade.

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How does sport psychology work?

Sport and performance psychology applies a holistic approach to examine work on factors that influence performance or someone’s ability to accomplish a task at the level that they desire. This can include goal setting, imagery techniques, managing stress and anxiety, mindfulness, addressing the way one thinks about and talks to oneself, and many other factors.

Sport psychology can aid performance by identifying areas for development, creating routines and practicing strategies for improvement and addressing personal or clinical factors that can impact performance. This approach can be beneficial for both athletes and for people looking for more success in their everyday lives.

Our Office

Just a few blocks away from Union Square at 817 Broadway (by East 12th street), our office provides a upbeat and comfortable environment for you to work with your sport psychologist.

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