Margaret Sallick, LCSW

Couple and Family Therapist

Margaret Sallick, LCSW is an individual, couples and family therapist, practicing in NYC for more than 25 years. She on faculty at the Ackerman Institute for the Family, a leading center for advanced training in couples and family therapy. Over the past decade she has been instrumental in developing the Ackerman Relational Approach and curriculum for the Clinical Seminar. She is currently a senior clinical supervisor in the Family Therapy Externship Program.

Margaret’s approach to therapy is collaborative, active, and empathic. She uses a systemic frame that decreases blame and helps people move from overwhelming feelings of despair, anger, anxiety, and jealousy to the possibility of experiencing the love and compassion they long for in their lives. She believes in addressing practical concerns along with fostering connection and intimacy. She is interested in helping people heal from experiences of trauma and devaluation that get in the way of personal growth and the capacity to both give and receive love.

Margaret has extensive experience with children, adolescents, and adults in psychiatric and community based settings with a primary focus on couples and family therapy. Prior to completing her own post-graduate training at the Ackerman Institute, she was a school-based therapist for Counseling in Schools and the clinical supervisor for 17 therapists placed in elementary, middle and high schools all over NYC. Prior to that she served as a psychotherapist and supervised MSW candidates at FEGS Mental Health Clinic in the Bronx.

In addition to her formal training in psychotherapy, Margaret’s work is highly influenced by her background in creative arts and her experience as a the mother of two now grown children. Prior to earning her Master of Social Work from NYU, she completed an undergraduate degree in Visual Art at Bowdoin College. Central to her practice is her belief that making art and accessing creative processes fosters psychological and relational growth.

Margaret is a member of AFTA, (American Family Therapy Academy), where she has presented on power dynamics and couples therapy. As a member of the Family Money Project at the Ackerman Institute, she researched and presented workshops on couples and money. She has a particular interest in how conflict about finances and intimacy are often intertwined. She helps couples who feel stuck in never ending fights about money, sex, and daily responsibilities find a way through their feelings of resentment and hopelessness. Her aim is to help couples express themselves clearly, resolve conflict, and have a closer and better relationship.