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Next Week’s Webinar

Healthy Eating during Quarantine Wednesday, June 3rd, 10am


Did you know that every bite of food you take has a direct effect on your mood? Join Sydney Greene, Registered Dietitian, as she walks us through the fundamentals of eating for a balanced, positive mood and energy state. You will leave this chat reinvigorated to nourish yourself – mind, body & soul.

More about Webinars at USP

The global spread of COVID-19 is affecting every one of us, and there is no mistaking the challenge of this moment. We know this crisis will end, but in the meantime, we at USP are adopting new methods to help alleviate the stresses and anxieties brought on by these trying times. 

To this end, we are hosting discussions on different strategies to help navigate the feelings and emotions brought on by COVID-19. This USP weekly webinar series will not only address the various concerns we are all facing but will be a resource for people looking to improve their wellbeing in general. 

When are the Webinars hosted?

The Webinars will be hosted live weekly, with the day varying depending on the week. If you are unable to attend the live session, you will also be able to rewatch our recorded sessions anytime of your choosing by clicking the links below. 

What do I need to do to attend a Webinar? 

Each week, we create a registration link through Zoom for that week’s Webinar. You can use your smartphone, laptop, or desktop computer to join the webinar.

What is the cost of the Webinar? 

Our webinar series is FREE.  We’re all doing our best to be there for our families and friends, to help those in need, and to take care of ourselves. And now, more than ever, Union Square Practice is offering you our wholehearted support. 

Previous Webinars

QuaranTeens & the College Scene May 27th

Tiffany LeProhon & Maddy Bray, two USP therapists who work with teens and young adults, discuss the unique challenges facing teenagers and college-aged kids during the Covid crisis. Along with Dr. Jonathan Fader and a couple of special guest appearances, the panel helps reveal the teenage experience during this time and gives parents advice on how to best lend their support.

Mental Skills Part 2 May 19

USP & SportStrata Co-Founder, Jonathan Fader, and therapists & mental performance coaches, Ben Oliva and Liv Massey, pull back the curtain on the skills, strategies, and mindsets the most elite athletes use to reach the pinnacle of their potential. They also delve into some of the mental skills they employ in their own lives to help them getter better every day.

The Kids Are Alright May 11

Parents, kids, and families are being challenged in ways they probably never imagined. USP Co-Founder, Jonathan Fader, and Child & Adolescent Psychologists, Laura Paret & Raquel Cumba, discuss some of the best ways to approach these challenges and how to maintain a level of optimism and normalcy during these abnormal times.

Finding Happiness May 4

“Happiness cannot be pursued; it must ensue. One must have a reason to ‘be happy’.” – Viktor Frankl. Take control of your own happiness using the often misperceived, but highly transformative constructs of Positive Psychology. Ben Oliva, LMHC & CMPC at USP, and Dr. Jonathan Fader, performance psychologist & co-founder of USP, share strategies and mindsets to help you identify and implement the reasons for your own version of happiness.

A Very Goodnight April 27

The quality (or lack of quality) of our sleep permeates every facet of our lives. Maddy Bray, LMHC at USP, and Dr. Jonathan Fader, co-founder of the practice, take us through some of the most practical and effective strategies for improving sleep during quarantine and well beyond.

Love in the Time of Corona April 20

It’s all about love, but love in the era of the Coronavirus can be a tricky road to navigate. Cue Dr. Jonathan Fader, co-founder of USP, and Melissa Thoen, LCSW, sex & couples therapist. This compelling conversation on Love in the Time of Corona helps guide us down that road with keen suggestions for fun and enjoyable activities, strategies for improving communication, and important steps to follow to strengthen your relationship during this time.

Mindful Parenting April 13

We can all use a little mindfulness in our lives right now, especially parents. Dr. Julia Vigna Bosson & Dr. Jonathan Fader, two experts in the area of mindfulness, discuss some of the best ways for managing parental stress during these challenging times. From deep breathing and responding rather than reacting to practicing more self-compassion, all parents can benefit from this informative conversation on how to be more mindful.

Mindfulness in Difficult Times April 6

Katie Krimer & Dr. Jonathan Fader guide us through the essentials of Mindfulness in the calming, informative, and transcendent second installment of the Learning Series at USP. Dr. Fader is co-founder of USP, while Katie is a therapist at USP and founder of Growspace, a mental wellness & coaching platform. 

Mental Skills for Covid March 30

Dr. Fader shares some of the most valuable mental skills you can have to offset the struggle of the Coronavirus crisis. He shows us the importance of building macro and micro routines, the far-reaching benefits of practicing gratitude, and how to try to live in the moment.