Psychopharmacology at Union Square Practice involves a comprehensive evaluation by either a psychiatrist or psychiatric nurse practitioner who is overseen by a psychiatrist. We will help you choose the appropriate clinician basing our recommendation on availability, cost and expertise.

The evaluation will focus on your symptoms of distress, whether depression, anxiety, insomnia, attentional difficulties, or something else. We will discuss with you whether these symptoms should be treated individually or best understood part of a larger diagnosis, such as Major Depressive Disorder, Panic Disorder, Bipolar Disorder or Attention Deficit Disorder. We will then recommend medications that are appropriate for your symptoms.

We have expertise and experience in prescribing the full range of psychiatric medications. Our recommendations are based on the best evidence to date, but also with the full understanding that each patient has individual needs. In fact, we are very interested in the way someone’s own temperament and psychological makeup determine their attitudes toward taking medication.We find that almost all of our clients/patients are, at least in part, ambivalent about taking medication.

Not only do we focus on discussing the practical aspects of medication choice (effects, side-effects, dosage, etc.), but we also talk about the decision to take medication or not, and for how long to take medication. Perhaps you are someone who would prefer to stay at a low dose for an extended period of time to make sure that the full efficacy of this dosage is attained — or you might choose to move to higher doses more quickly in order to make sure that you get the maximum benefit as soon as possible. Whatever you decide, we’re here to work with you through the process.