Reproductive Psychiatry and Psychology

In this interview with pregnantish, Dr. Lucy Hutner and Dr. Julia Vigna Bosson discuss how friends and family can support people who are struggling with infertility!

Pregnancy and the process of becoming a parent can be joyful and healthy, but it also can be associated with stress, depression, and anxiety.  Individuals can face complex questions about how to manage pre-existing mental health concerns (including decisions about medication choices), how to cope with potential complications of pregnancy and childbirth, and how to adjust successfully to the many life changes that accompany becoming a parent.

Reproductive psychiatry and psychology is a relatively new specialty that focuses on the mental health and well-being of patients throughout the reproductive life span. Reproductive psychiatrists and psychologists  provide expert psychiatric and psychological treatment for women and their supports throughout preconception, pregnancy, postpartum, and early parenting. They are particularly skilled at helping patients to navigate complex decisions about how to manage mood, anxiety, and other mental health disorders before and during pregnancy. They also work with patients experiencing psychological distress from miscarriage, recurrent perinatal loss, infertility, and other difficulties related to pregnancy and childbearing.

Reproductive psychiatrists and psychologists also have a sophisticated understanding of the psychological impact of the decisions around assisted reproductive technologies, such as egg freezing and gamete donation. They focus on how to involve partners and other supports, how to build skills through pregnancy and early parenting to foster early attachment, and how best to aim for prevention of postpartum depression and anxiety. Lastly, reproductive psychiatrists and psychologists provide treatment for all stages of a patient’s reproductive life, including premenstrual mood disorders and mood exacerbations during perimenopause and menopause.  We collaborate closely with obstetricians-gynecologists, infertility specialists, and child and adolescent mental health professionals in order to provide comprehensive and seamless care.

We offer the following services at Union Square Practice:

>Diagnostic evaluation

>Preconception consultation and planning

>Medication consultation and management

>Short and long-term psychotherapy

>Family education and support

For those interested in therapy, we offer a variety of options that best suit your needs. Those include cognitive behavioral therapy, interpersonal therapy, and mindfulness and acceptance-based therapies.

The reproductive psychiatry program at Union Square Practice is led by Dr. Lucy Hutner. Dr. Hutner has extensive clinical, education, and leadership experience in reproductive psychiatry, and she has lectured and taught nationwide on this topic. She is one of a select group of psychiatrists in the New York City area with her level of expertise in this specialty. To learn more about her, you can read her bio here.

The reproductive psychology program at USP is led by Dr. Julia Bosson. Dr. Bosson has extensive training in therapies shown to be effective in treating reproductive mental health concerns and brings compassion, warmth, and understanding to all of her reproductive wellness patients. To learn more about Dr. Bosson, you can read her bio here.

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