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What to Do When Your Facebook “Year in Review” Has You Down

For some, 2014 wasn’t chock-full of happy relationships and smiling children. As we look back on the year, and plan for the next, we inevitably remember the not-so-happy moments. To complicate matters, sometimes happy moments can remind us of our current troubles: a joyful memory from a former relationship can cause feelings of sadness in… Read more »

USP Monthly Holiday Reading Roundup!

  Here, our staff and clinicians’ monthly picks for the best articles from around the web on psychology, psychiatry, and mental health this– from architecture’s therapeutic effects to becoming more charismatic: -New research suggests architecture may have the same effect on the brain as meditation. -A successful writer uses his own experience to explore why… Read more »

Dr. Kate Thacher: ‘What Makes Therapy Work?’

 As part of an ongoing series, the staff at Union Square Practice will be sharing their thoughts on an important question: “What makes therapy work?” This week, Dr. Kate Thacher shares her thoughts. What makes therapy “work” really depends on several key elements; there is, unsurprisingly, no simple answer here. Reflecting upon my work as a psychologist, I find… Read more »

Dr. Jonathan Fader: “What Makes Therapy Work?”

As part of an ongoing series, we asked the staff at Union Square Practice for their thoughts on the important question: “What makes therapy work?”  This week, Dr. Jonathan Fader shares his thoughts. What makes therapy work? I think that therapy works when you’re meeting with someone who you feel has compassion for what you’re going through and who… Read more »