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Can You Choose Your Feelings?

When working with couples in counseling, David Pearl’s focus is to help his clients interact with each other intentionally instead of reactively.  An example of a reactive response is when anger gets triggered. Anger is a secondary emotion which shields us from more painful and vulnerable emotions, such as shame, loneliness, or sadness. In relationships, we often… Read more »

The Magic of Mirroring

When working with couples in therapy, relationship expert David Pearl works to facilitate better communication and a deeper connection between partners. “Mirroring” is  one technique Pearl teaches to couples in this process, in order to reduce reactivity and increase empathy.  How mirroring works is that a partner will share an aspect of the relationship which… Read more »

Coping With Real Romantic Rejection in a Virtual World

Romantic rejection may seem as though it only affects certain unlucky individuals, but in reality we all feel the pangs of being spurned at some point. Being human involves encountering rejection, but within the current climate of online swiping and matching, it feels especially palpable and commonplace. Fortunately, there are ways to cope and separate… Read more »

How to Enjoy Valentine’s While Single

Valentine’s day can be emotionally difficult when you’re not in a relationship. There’s a great deal of societal pressure to be in a relationship, and an assortment of movies and television creates an unrealistic expectation of what romance should look like. Some respond to their Valentine’s Day quandary with a renewed interest in finding love;… Read more »

How to Deal With Toxic Relationships

“To some, marriage is a word. To others, it’s a sentence.” I’m not speaking autobiographically here, but we’ve all experienced relationships and friendships that seem more like a stay at Alcatraz. Toxic relationships are genuinely a serious concern, not only to your psyche but your health. And in a world where fewer people are getting… Read more »