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Using Mindfulness to Reduce Parenting Stress

Picture this: you walk in the door after a long day at work and are greeted by a howling infant and two toddlers screaming, “Mommy, we’re cleaning, we’re cleaning! Mommy—WE’RE CLEANING!!!” As you turn your head to peer deeper into the house, you see what they’re “cleaning”—every single toy light enough to carry has been… Read more »

What to Do When Your Facebook “Year in Review” Has You Down

For some, 2014 wasn’t chock-full of happy relationships and smiling children. As we look back on the year, and plan for the next, we inevitably remember the not-so-happy moments. To complicate matters, sometimes happy moments can remind us of our current troubles: a joyful memory from a former relationship can cause feelings of sadness in… Read more »

Can Stress Make Me Sick?

Can stress make me sick? It’s a question I hear a lot from my patients, many of whom lead very busy lives with high-stress jobs and what feels like little time to relax. The idea that environmental stressors can contribute to physical illness – rather than producing mental distress only – gets people’s attention, and for… Read more »