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Cura Personalis

Recently at Union Square Practice, our Co-Founder and Dir. of Psychology, Dr. Jonathan Fader with Michelle Freedland, one of our psychiatric nurse practitioners, sat down and spoke freely about what is used to guide her way of approaching therapy and working with clients. Michelle Freedland—MF Jonathan Fader—JF

Can You Choose Your Feelings?

When working with couples in counseling, David Pearl’s focus is to help his clients interact with each other intentionally instead of reactively.  An example of a reactive response is when anger gets triggered. Anger is a secondary emotion which shields us from more painful and vulnerable emotions, such as shame, loneliness, or sadness. In relationships, we often… Read more »

The Magic of Mirroring

When working with couples in therapy, relationship expert David Pearl works to facilitate better communication and a deeper connection between partners. “Mirroring” is  one technique Pearl teaches to couples in this process, in order to reduce reactivity and increase empathy.  How mirroring works is that a partner will share an aspect of the relationship which… Read more »

Why Your Therapists Shouldn’t Be Lecturing You

We’ve all been there: we’re driving around with a friend or a loved one and we are, without a doubt, hopelessly lost. We play around with the idea of pulling over for directions, but just then, our passenger throws up their arm in exasperation and declares that you’re lost and need to pull over. And… Read more »