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Chloe Elyse is a Mental Health Counselor who is influenced by both Cognitive-Behavioral and Psychodynamic approaches in her work. Additionally, she pulls from key tenets of Systemic Psychotherapy. Chloe Elyse enjoys working with adults and has experience treating anxiety, depression, substance use, and trauma. Chloe Elyse is especially focused on working with BIPOC, on concerns such as empowerment, self-esteem, and confidence.

Chloe Elyse believes that the core of successful therapy is in the bond between client and therapist. As such, Chloe Elyse always meets the client where they are and works to build a strong relationship through fostering a safe, non-judgmental therapeutic environment where the client can feel safe to share themselves.

During her graduate career, Chloe Elyse gained clinical experience working at Boston Medical Center. She worked with Refugees and Asylum Seekers in her first placement and in a general adult outpatient in her second. What was most important to her throughout the therapeutic process was to ensure she took measures to understand each client’s whole situation, including background, environment, identity, relationships and socioeconomic status, and how they have, and currently, affect the client. She also worked hard to provide adequate and equitable care for each client, tailoring treatment and auxiliary services to their specific needs.

Education & Training
  • M.A. in Mental Health Counseling and Behavioral Medicine from Boston University School of Medicine
  • B.A in Sociology, African and African Diaspora Studies and Education from Boston College
  • Counseling on Access to Lethal Means Training
  • Psychological First Aid Training
  • Completed graduate internships at Boston Medical Center in General adult outpatient and Boston Center for Refugee health and human rights
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